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About Me


Hello! I am a dietitian and I love cooking, creating new recipes, sharing what I know, and trying things I don’t know. In this blog, I want to share with you the recipes I have tried, loved and know, inspired by both Turkish and foreign cuisines. I will also give tips on nutrition and diet.

Cooking has become a passion for me. Every new recipe means a new experience for me. When cooking, my priority is to produce both healthy and delicious meals. That’s why I take care to use healthy ingredients in my recipes.

If we start with Turkish cuisine, you will find a variety of appetizers, main courses and desserts. While sharing these recipes with you, I also pay attention to the nutritional values of the ingredients. Thus, I ensure that you cook both deliciously and healthily.

Trying different tastes inspired by foreign cuisines is exciting for me. I will present these recipes to you by experiencing them. I also research the nutritional values of the ingredients used in these recipes and share them with you.

When cooking, it is important not only to produce delicious meals, but also to pay attention to the principles of healthy nutrition. Therefore, I will also share nutrition and diet tips on my blog. I will offer practical suggestions for those who want to lose weight in a healthy way or control their weight.

I hope this blog will be a good adventure for everyone who is interested in cooking and healthy eating. While I share my recipes and tips with you, I will also take your feedback into consideration. I will further enrich this blog by trying the recipes you like and creating new recipes.

Enjoy your meal!

Sinem Merve Erturhan


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